Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Srb's Exploration V

The photo of Dugout Dick Zimmerman brings out the true characteristics of a Mountain man! The seventy-seven-year-old was originally born in Indiana and hitchhiked himself all the way dusty prairies of Idaho. Just like that at an early age, he knew where he'd liked to be until the end of his days. It's often said that a photo is worth a thousand words, in in Dick's case, they're plenty. One could see through his photos how peaceful and calm his surroundings are. It's something mystical, a drastic change in scenery. The mountain-man had made a living out of digging caves. Not only was his love of finding/excavating various caves in search of silver or copper ever prevalent, but he has the chance to turn his empty wasted cave spaces in cozy and surprisingly pleasant 'hotel rooms'. He resides in a remote part of Idaho -eighteen miles away from the nearest civilization. What i see through his pictures is 'serenity', 'tranquility', and 'reclusiveness'. A peaceful hermit living a life of simple luxury; his own 'Willoughby' (a Twilight Zone reference). There's not one other feeling a human loves feeling than inner solitude. It's a unique getaway to any visitor for only $2 a night, away from what they're used to on a daily basis -tv, work, people, cities, everything. The geography and isolation of the west is truly remarkable, a completely different world. Great for getting away. "I've been here since '48. Wouldn't want to live nowhere else but a cave!'. to me that goes to the saying of 'whatever makes you happy'. I truly believe that if this man, who at a very young age, fell in love with a reclusive remote spot where he'd like to spend the rest of his days in, then that's just the definition of bliss. It tells me that he loves what he does and wouldn't trade anything in the world for it, and i am sure that many could relate to this.

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