Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Erica Exp 5

The profile i focused on is Jim Searles. In his photograph, he is very serious in front of a checkers board. I feel as though that shows that he is serious about the game and was great foreshadowing for the story. I believe it creates a serious mood for the profile to come. He is very creative with the game of checkers and keeps his brain working at all times while thinking and playing checkers."None of the checker players \, even the ones that's older that me, none of them is senile.Their minds is sharp." said Seales. I truly think that he is living the perfect life for himself. He is very happy to be able to play checkers daily and very frequently. It means very much to him to have his friends surround him while playing.
I personally would classify Searles as a dreamer as he dreams of playing checkers for ever. he wants a perfect world that he has created for himself while playing checkers. He is very passionate about the game and holds it close to his heart.

My favorite passage from this profile was on page116 when Jim Searles said "Checker players is really a brotherhood-like family." This hit home for me. I find it amazing that he holds them that closely to him. That the people he plays a board game with on the regular are family. Checkers must really hold them all together.

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