Monday, February 24, 2014

Julia Dettore's Exploration 5

Marta Becket and Tom Willet
1)      Their photo shows the artistic elements that make up Marta and Tom’s unique lifestyle. One of the first things I notice is Tom relaxing in the rocking chair, while the back drop shows the scene of an old west town complete with saloon and fluffy clouds. It’s rather humorous to me that Marta is stranding posed and happy for the photo while Tom appears like he couldn’t careless to be involved. Marta is dressed up for a western show, with her feathered cowboy hat and full skirt. Though Tom looks out of place with a metallic vest, sequin coated cap, all while reading the paper. I think this image shows the differences between the two individual people, one more happy and peppy, with the other being more indifferent.

2)      I think both Marta and Tom embody creativity quite well, they both enjoy the stage life and preforming for the entertainment of others. Marta shows her perseverance in trying to keep the show going in her life, she goes from dancing in New York to performing in Death Valley, California. I think this adjustment shows how creative and flexible she can be when the occasion requires. Tom can also be creative which is illustrated well when he says that he would “ride my three-wheeler with my feet up on the handlebars, laying back and looking up at the sky and [barking loudly]”. I think it takes an unusual person to think of doing this or to actually carry it out.

3)      I believe these two are more dreamers than anything else. They throw their unusual ideas out and hope it sticks. While they’ve had some tough times due to family troubles and public interest, they’ve still been able to make their Marta’s dreams of performing work out.

4)      The theme that meant the most to me is Marta’s perseverance throughout her life’s hardship. She wanted to perform and she worked through the issues in her life that kept her from her dream. I liked this because it’s important to me to see people work through their troubles and follow their dreams. 

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  1. I thought this passage was very interesting. They were both very creative people that came together to put on successful performances. I also think Marta's perseverance is great because who knows where she would have ended up if she didn't stick to dancing!