Monday, February 24, 2014

Nikhil Exploration 5

Lydia Emery

The picture shown is of a very old lady with a stethoscope and a small black bag. I notice she has doctor's supplies, yet she is standing in a lawn by a house.This reveals that the subject is a doctor probably a house doctor. The picture is kind of ironic, because by the looks of how old the lady is she should probably be at home resting yet, it looks as if she is going to work.
I feel like Lydia represents creativity as being a woman doctor back in the day which was very uncommon, especially a female getting an education. Whats even more unique about her is she is eighty-four years old and is still working as a doctor. She does not do it for the money either she just likes to help people out. Lydia needs diagnosis skills and other procedural skills being a doctor. I believe Lydia is more of a visionary, growing up in time where it was uncommon for women to get an education. But not only did she stop at getting a degree, she went to medical school to become a doctor, and did not stop even when she was worried about what her dad would say. The quote Lydia said when she was responding to her critics had to say to her about not making enough money meant the most to me, "because to me, medicine should be a measure of what you're doing, not how much money you're making". I really liked this passage because that is the main reason I myself wants to go into medicine. Making a lot of money from it is a perk but I really want to have a profession where I can meet people's needs and really change lives.

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  1. I also think that Lydia is a big visionary. She really did achieve something great for her time period and I think it is an example set for many other women. I can only Imagine how many people she helped achieve their goals and also just helped so many people in regards to her being a doctor.