Monday, February 24, 2014

Shannon Sundry Exploration 5

1. In the photo of Z.L Hill, she is sitting in the hallway of the Riverside Hotel. It is a rather close up of her face and then you can see down a hallway with doors on the side. It is a pretty simple picture but I like the mood and feel it brings. By the look on her face you can tell that she is proud and content with where she is and what she has done. You get a feel that she has been in this hotel many years and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon.

2. I feel that Hill represents creativity right from the beginning when she opens up the hotel. It used to be an old hospital that she created into a hotel for people to stay. Hill is not very concerned with money she is just happy with they way things are for her. In order to live the life she lives, she just needs to continue to be nice and welcoming to all her guests so they still feel they are at home. I don't think this will be a problem for Hill because I believe that is what she loves doing.

3. I would have to say that Hill is a visionary. At first, she started with nothing when she first took over the old hospital and created a hotel with it. As time went on and people kept coming to her hotel, I think she started becoming a visionary. She wanted to create a place where people could stay and she could take care of them and make them feel at home. She wanted to be somewhat of a mother figure to all the customers. Hill took her vision and created something great out of it.

4. My favorite passage was the very last paragraph that said "A lot of history been here at the riverside hotel. But I'm jut the care-taker, understand? The Riverside belong to the people. I tell you which way to go and what to do, but Bessie Smith made this their home. She died for this to be their home. Bessie Smith was the engineer, and I'm just ridin' on the train" I liked this passage because I think it describes Hill and her feelings about the hotel. Shes very humble about what she has done for others and loves all the memories that were made in the hotel. She believes Bessie Smith and all of the customers  helped shape what the hotel became.

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  1. I wold have liked to see one of the rooms also in the story. I am sure they are very simple. I agree with you that she seams very content and proud of the work she has carried on.