Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Exploration 4

     The movie Fresh really does show some of what is going wrong in America with the food. Many people out there think that why this country has become so unhealthy is due to all the fast food and bad food. This is true but this movie really shows us how that is not all of the problem. Fresh shows us that even what we consider to be healthy food is really bad for us. The theme in the movie that tells us how we got to this point is laziness. Americans are lazy and Fresh depicts that very often.
    The evidence for this theme is most convincing when they show what people really buy at the grocery store and how they do not even think about how the food has become to be that. The reason that this is so convincing is because it shows me how even though I care about eating well and good foods, I am guilty about not thinking or caring about where the food has been and how it was made.
    When the movie talks about what is fed to the animals, it really made me question what is going on. I already knew about a lot of this besides what exactly the animals were being fed. Herbivores were not ever intended by nature to be cannibalistic, or even to eat meat at all, and there is nothing genetics can do to change that. One would think after all the mad cow disease that this would end but apparently not.
     This film compares and contrasts the industrial food production to the organic, old time farming. I think they do a great job with this by going back and forth but I do believe they made one mistake. They really should have interviewed someone more on the side of industrial farming than just one couple that does it. Other than that though, they did find great sources that knew a lot about both sides of it that explained in great depth why they stay away from conventional farming.
     I do question what about conventional farming was not shown such as are there any benefits other than production increase? The movie seemed to say not, but I would like to have seen another expert on conventional farming that gives the truths of it from their side.
     We need to apply some of the ideas from this movie to our lives by not always going the easy way out and more of doing what is right. Not just for ourselves but the world as a whole. In the movie they show how bad conventional farming is for the environment and I think as Americans we need to look at how bad we are for it as well. Not only by our direct actions but also by our choices of what to buy and use, such as the foods that support these conventional farms.

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  1. I agree with you Tyler, while the movie does a great job of explaining the benefits of all natural farming, and some of the reasons commercial farming is bad, it does not explain the downsides to all natural farming, or any of the benefits of commercial farming. While I am sure the benefits of natural farming out weigh the benefits of commercial farming on a personal health/use standpoint, I'm sure from a world hunger standpoint, commercial farming's benefits out weigh those of all natural farming.