Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exploration 5 Umer Haider

    The photo of Stanley Killar speaks a thousand words. In the picture you can notice Stanley sitting on his bed with a record. Stanley has this fascination with records and as you look at the picture you can understand why. He is sitting in a small room with what looks like hundreds of music records. As you look at this photo you can understand his attachment to these records because of his wide smile. To him the records mean more than the place he lives. Stanley does not care if his place is big or clean he just cares about what is truly important to him, his records. 
    Stanley Killar seems to be a perfect representation of creativity. At face value Stanley might just seem like any other collector, but he has this passion that can move others. Anything about a record can thrill him, doesn't matter the genre of music. This is creative because most people can't listen to a lot of records for hours at a time, but Stanley can. Stanley is fascinated with the voices he hears and use his imagination to find a thrill. He enjoys it so much that he even sends expensive records to others who miss the sound of a record they once heard just so he can give them the please that he has. To be like Stanley you have to have an imaginative way of thinking and be open to almost anything.
   Killar is a very eccentric person. It is because he has sacrificed his well being just for the sake of records. Isay mentioned in the story that his health was poor and the condition of living was bad, but that didn't matter to Stanley. As long as he collected his records he was happy, and to most people that was unusual. Most people might not get Stanley because his passion is a little bizarre, but Stanley is a unique human being who enjoys what he does no matter what people think of him.
   My favorite passage would have to be the one where Stanley talks about all the letters he receives. Since his collection is so big, people always send him letters in order to listen to a record that they cannot find. Stanley loves sending these records because he wants to give people the opportunity to enjoy records like he does. He gets a self satisfaction as well for helping others and can die knowing that he has changed someones life. He loves the stories they send and to him it's a treasure.


  1. I just love records as well. To me they represent the era when music was less produced and there are records I have from when I was a kid that I will never give up like The Beach Boys, Boston, .38 Special, Johnny Mathis, and even Dean Martin. CDs never did much for me and MP3s are easy and convenient but hard to build nostalgia for. I wonder if it's the fact albums have artistic covers and are bigger that makes them more memorable as objects?

  2. My favorite thing about this story was also that he lets people listen to his records when they send him letters asking to. That is awesome that he feels that comfortable with random people that send him letters and that he loves helping them hear them.