Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tyler Hedge Exploration Three

There is one specific food that sticks out to me and that is a well cooked and prepared tenderloin. The reason this food sticks out to me is that it is not something you eat all the time and it takes time to cook it to perfection. It became special to me when my grandma started making every Sunday during football season, after my little brother's games. Sunday was the only day I did not have football on so it was a nice change to be able to just go watch my brother play. After the game, we would go home to my grandma already cooking a big juicy tenderloin. She would leave the game early just to start preparing it so that we would not have to wait very long once we got home. Once it was done we would all sit around the table and talk about the game along with other stuff going on. This became a special time because it was rare that we would all be there at the same time eating a large meal. The dish became special because of that and also because it is so delicious. My grandma would spend just about an entire day preparing the meat, making potatoes, and getting vegetables ready.

There are not really any specific foods that are special to my family. However, we almost always have to have some sort of meat in our meals. My dad grew up on a farm and has always had meat with everything so it was only natural that my brothers and I feel the same way. Most meals that we make are either centralized around meat or have a big presence of it. All of us, besides my mom, really enjoy just having a steak. It is something we do frequently, when it is not a pain to go use the grill. This is valued because it is what my dad grew up around some but they could not always have this. My dad has been successful and everything that he loved or dreamed of when he was younger has become a regular to us because of his dreams.

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