Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chase Exploration Three


The specific food I enjoy eating most is spaghetti. It's a pretty basic meal to prepare unless you want to go make it from scratch. How I make it is boil some water in a pot, dump a box of noodles in, and then whether I'm in the mood for red sauce or buttered noodles you can add either on once you strain the water out.

A food that would be considered special to my family would be tacos. On Tuesday of each week we have "Taco Tuesday." Rather than all of us having a love for some tacos it's more just all knowing that on Tuesday we can count on all gathering around making our meal together and eating them around the kitchen. Tacos make Tuesday the day we eat dinner together as family.

It's believed that tacos were first created by Mexican silver miners. The word "taco" described a tool they would use to excavate the ore. It was simply a couple pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder. I think it's neat that someone could be creative enough to look at a physical object and then create something to eat from that. It was probably convenient to the miners because like the simple excavating tool they used, tacos consist of a simple tortilla with some meat, cheeses, and a few vegetables.

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