Monday, February 24, 2014

Kaylah's Exploration 5

When I look at the picture of George Preston I picture him being a very friendly person.  He has his mouth slightly open as if he is ready to jump into conversation.  I also notice that in the background there is a little building that is FILLED with signs from top to bottom.  There are signs that say "Auto Laundry," "Star Tires," "Fire Extinguisher," pretty much any sign you could think of.  This is one of the reasons why I think that Preston represents the theme of creativity.  Another reason is because he is holding on to his filling station and to the stories that he has heard and made there.  He spent pretty much all of his time in that station, where he sold sixty-eight different kinds of oil, forty-nine different brands of gas, and eighty-seven different types of cigarettes.  Because Preston spent all of his time there, I think that he would have needed a lot of communication skills in order to keep conversations going and in order to sell the products.

I would definitely consider George Preston to be an eccentric person.  This is because everything that he talked about in his biography was strange.  He let random people stay in tents outside the station and called it a "tent city."  The passage that meant the most to me in this profile is the third paragraph which starts with the sentence, "Do you know when I started this place I kept a list of every different kind of car that traveled the highway?"  In my opinion this paragraph shows Preston's personality the best.  It shows how excited and involved he was with his station.

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