Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brian Smith Exploration Three

    I enjoy almost any type of food, that makes it hard to pin down an exact favorite, but that in mind, Eel sushi/sashimi is one of my absolute favorites. If ever I go out to eat, sushi is almost always at the top of my list, and its something I can't get sick and tired of. Eel sushi in particular is extremely delicious, and it's something many people seem apprehensive about eating, the same goes for octopus. The Eel sushi is just a ball of sushi rice, a piece of cooked eel, sauce on top, and wrapped together with nori (seaweed). The sashimi is the same as the sushi, but without the rice.

Eel Nigiri
     A food that is probably most special to my family would also be sushi, except not just Eel sushi in particular. Excluding my mother, my family absolutely loves sushi and could never get sick of it. Whenever there is a special event throughout the year, we almost always go to a Japanese restaurant and eat sushi until we can't eat any more. We make it important to always change things up and order different rolls, and we almost never get the plain rolls like you would see at a supermarket, they're always the specialty rolls. Sushi is a valued food in our family because it not only means something special is happening, but also because it is something we find so delicious.

Green Dragon Roll


  1. I love sushi too! I've never tried the Eel Nigiri but I have had the dragon roll. If you haven't already you should try the sushi restaurant Edamame that's in Easton!

  2. Sushi is an awesome food that I think people should try at least once in their life. I am not a big fan of eel, but I still love sushi. The neat thing about sushi is that there is so many ways to prepare it, you can never get bored of it. Sushi making is like an art.

  3. Sushi is so good! I also try to get my family and friends to try new things, especially different sushi places. My favorite is Kaya on Reed Road in Columbus. They have half price sushi on Tuesdays.