Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nikhil Exploration Three

A food that means a lot to me are chocolate lava cakes. Specifically the one they have at La Scala where I work. Whenever I work I have to try not to think about chocolate lava cakes too much or else I would buy them all the time, they are addicting. The name pretty much explains it; it is a hot rich chocolate cake with a melted chocolaty center topped with vanilla ice cream to cool it down. That way you get a hot and cold combination in every bite.

A food that is really big in my family due to my Filipino heritage is lechon. There are different variations of lechon, but there is one version in particular that my family loves. Lechon is basically the meat that comes from the pigs belly side. After it is broiled and seasoned with salt, it is cut into rectangle slices with a layer of crispy skin, a layer of fat, and a layer of meat. Lechon is usually available for parties and special occasions because everyone loves it but its so good you got to save it for those special moments. It tastes amazing but with all the fat and grease it is not too good for your health.


  1. Wow, both of your foods look very good. I have never tried lechon but you make it sound good even though I am a very picky eater. The chocolate lava cake really caught my attention as I absolutely love ice cream, so that looks incredible.

  2. You made that chocolate lava cake sound so good! I might just have to go to La Scala to have it now. I've never heard of lechon but you made that sound good as well. These are both cool choices.

  3. That chocolate lava cake looks so good. I love chocolate cake and ice cream. If i worked at La Scala I would definitely have to hold myself back from buying it all the time as well!