Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tyler Stone's Exploration 5

My profile was Dugout Dick Zimmerman.

1. The main picture is of Dick Zimmerman sitting in front of a make shift work table, and a large stone wall. He seems to have a sad yet content expression on his face. The mood it casts seems to be of independence and in a way loneliness. It reveals Zimmerman is a loaner, and wants to be by himself. This is reaffirmed by the other 2 pictures in the profile, the first being a make shift, run down/crudely built front of a building, and the other is the view the mountains in the background from inside one of the shaft's, with Zimmerman sitting in it without any light, showing a shadow of his figure.

2. Zimmerman shows the theme of creativity because he took side of a mountain that he randomly came across from hitchhiking after running away from home, and turned it into his own home, mining a section for silver or copper, and then furnishing the area and living in it. He then decided to create a make-shift business out of it, just charging a little for people to rent it out. In order to do this he had to have had the creativity to be able to make his home from nothing and furnish and create the insides of the shafts as a place to live, determination and follow through to clear the whole space and make it able to be lived in, hard work and patience to clear the mines with just a pick and his two hands, and the ability to interact with like-minded individuals like him who came to visit him, and rent out the space to these people.

3. Zimmerman is an eccentric because he's doing something very few people would ever want to do, and he's not a visionary or dreamer because he had no intention or want of doing this in the first place, It sort of happened for him. He saw the mountain and thought "This will be my home" and then when we made spaces and people wanted to rent them out he thought "I'll charge money for it".

4. The part that meant most to me was the part about Zimmerman was the part that read "Dick spends his days there, deep in a cave, lying on his stomach, pick in hand, mining for precious  metal", because 1) it shows him doing something alone that you wouldn't normally think people could do without help, and 2) it shows how he made something (rooms) from doing something seemingly completely unrelated (mining).

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