Monday, February 24, 2014

BK- Exploration 5

The picture seems to be taken in a dark room, there some light shedding into the room.  I see two people, a man and woman probably in their elderly stage.  The picture sends a gloomy and scary feeling but after I read their profiles, they seemed joyful and happy of what they are doing.  The Lucca's show creativity by their work in many ways.  They have a museum that only displays anything related to Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabel.  Mariano Lucca's father inspired him to do what he is doing today, which is admire how Columbus and Isabel did to discover the new world.  Their creativity skills are at its full potential and they are enjoying what they are doing.  This person is more of a visionary because he wants the world to acknowledge the existence of Columbus and to do that, he created a museum dedicated to Columbus for the whole public to view.  I felt like the Lucca's are fascinating people and I enjoyed every bit of the story.  Their dedication to Columbus and Isabel are extraordinary and it shows how much they appreciate each and one of them.  On page 165, Mariano says "There's gonna be a national holiday in the United States for Queen Isabel." He also mentioned in the story that he contributed to make Columbus day a holiday.  It just shows you that Mariano has a vision and a dream to make the public recognize what he believes in.

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