Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exploration 5 Tyler Hedge

Jim Bishop

There are two pictures in this story. The first one is on the cover and shows Jim standing atop his castle looking out across the land. You can see the beautiful mountains in the back round. You can also see the detailed stone work he put into the castle. The windows do not look perfect but they look really good for one man to have built all of this. There is also a set of metal stairs that come down to the top of this part of the castle, where Jim is standing. Jim looks as if he is very proud of what he has accomplished there and is taking in all of it. The second picture is just of the "castle" from the front left angle. However, in this picture it shows the dragon made of lunch trays and the construction of the big tower going on. It also shows the trees in the back round of the house which helps show exactly where it is and how secluded it is. This shows how Jim is out away from everyone. Both of this pictures really show how Jim is so proud of his work and that he loves it.

I think Jim really represents the theme of creativity simply by what he has done in building a castle. On top of that, it is a very creative castle. His creations include a giant dragon made from lunch trays that he will make breathe fire. Also, he plans to make a way to move people downstairs while also harnessing energy from it to charge batteries. Jim has the tools to live the way he is living but what the story doesn't tell is how he has the money for this and how he gets all his materials along with food and such. In this area he probably needs to have the ability to hunt along with make money in order to pay for his materials. He does not need a ton of money though since he is building it all himself.

I believe that Jim is a strong visionary. I say this because he has a vision and is working everyday to achieve that vision. He does not have a final vision, however he has a vision that changes and expands as his project goes on. I bet at the beginning he did not think about actually building walls around the castle with a giant drawbridge and a "big massive gatehouse".

The theme in the story that meant the most to me was the talk of his dad. He talked at first about something which I would think meant that he resents his dad and wants to be different but it changed later when he has been recently working on the castle and his father worked with him much of the time until he finally stopped because he did not want to be a castle builder. What this showed me is that unlike I originally saw it, he does have a great relationship with his dad.

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  1. I agree that Jim was a visionary. He seams like a very interesting, determined person.