Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exploration 5 Hallie Stillwell

1. The photo is a picture of Hallie Stillwell standing in front of a brick building. There is a newly married couple beside her. The picture is a good representation of her story as a Justice of the Peace.

2. She seams to be a person of many trades. She was a teacher, write a gossip column, runs a dry goods store and RV park and officiates weddings. I think she seams to go with the flow and get things done as they need to be. I think if she were living now she would get along fine.

3. I would say she was a visionary. To be a teach and marry people, hoping they will be happy would take great hope and vision for the future.

4. The passage that means the most to me was when she says, "I just hope they will be happy." "They'd better be!" This sums up why she officiates weddings. 

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