Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tyler Stone's Exploration 3

1. This question is sort of unfair. I would have maybe been able to answer this question easily a few years ago, but not now. There are many foods that I eat that I like that are good in different ways. Some food I like because they taste really good, but I don't like eating them because they're unhealthy. Some foods I like taste awful, but I like eating them because they're extremely healthy. There are also different kinds of foods that I like in different ways, because of a verity of characteristics of the food.
However, If I were to pick my overall favourite things to eat, It would probably be a General Tso's chicken by a brand called Inovasia. I like it because it tastes extremely good, it's asian style cuisine (reminds me of Japan), and usually makes enough to last me for 2 meals.

2. There aren't very many meals or kinds of food that my family cares about, But the one thing that we've had for as long as I can remember is an old meatloaf recipe that my mom makes every so often. It's valued because she got the recipe when she was a child. Other than that, my family doesn't really have any food of any kind of cultural importance.

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  1. The first time I had general tso's chicken was in middle school. I had no knowledge about Chinese cuisine and as I took my first bite, it was amazing. After that experience, I would usually order general tso's at Chinese restaurants. Since I am on a diet right now and Chinese cuisine is pretty much unhealthy, I'm unable to eat it and I miss it dearly.