Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brian Smith Exploration 5

     "Dugout" Dick Zimmerman is the ultimate picture of an introvert, he lives alone in a cave. Though, he isn't alone most of the time given the fact that he runs a hotel out of the caves he spent years digging by himself. There are multiple pictures of Zimmerman that go along with his profile, and they highlight his introversion. The biggest thing that I noticed in Zimmerman's pictures were an overwhelming feeling of solitude. There is no greater feeling than solitude than when you look at the picture of Zimmerman in profile sitting on a stool appearing to be in deep inner reflection. Zimmerman seems to be perfectly content with his lifestyle, and his behavior isn't given much of a second thought.
     "It sort of gets awkward trying to describe the idea of living in a cave in Idaho, but for some people it makes a lot of sense." (141) This quote is the perfect description of Zimmerman. Those words make it completely clear that Zimmerman is an eccentric. Zimmerman clearly has a different way of thinking than most, hence why he lives in a cave and mines for precious metals. This passage was the one that meant the most to me in Zimmerman's profile. Not only could this apply to Zimmerman, but it can apply to any different way of life.

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