Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shannon Sundry Exploration 6

I liked this passage because I think the author did a good job of remaining unbiased. He wasn't saying that humans were the main cause of global warming and that we are destroying the planet but he also wasn't saying that it wasn't happening. He said that instead of continuing to research and spend time on trying to figure out whether its actually happening or not, we should take precautions regardless. I think this is a good point because if we take precautions we have nothing to lose. It would only be benefiting us and our planet for years to come.

I believe that recycling is an important habit that we need to improve. The affects of not recycling affects humans and other living things on this planet. When we don't recycle our trash is taken into landfills. If huge amounts of trash continue to fill these landfills, we will soon run out of space and we will be surrounded by our own waste. Not only does trash take up space, but it gives off smells that can be very toxic to breathe in and gives off huge amounts of carbon dioxide. The fumes can also destroy the ozone layer which protects us from ultraviolet light.  Also, not recycling can limit our everyday resources such as paper. If we continue to take advantage of the paper from trees, we could eventually run out of trees to use, causing the price of paper to greatly increase. A simple solution to this is for everyone to start recycling. If everyone were to just have a specific bin to throw their recycling in, it would save so much garage. We need to start making changes now because as the years go on, the amount of trash is increasing.  I believe Ohio should adopt the idea that Michigan and other states have where you can get money for turning in plastic bottles.


  1. I like your response to Havel's passage. I agree because the way he presented the issue in an unbiased way I feel is very effective. I also think recycling is a good solution to the landfills. Recycling is so easy for us to do and in the long run can help out a lot.

  2. I agree with your idea of more recycling. When people recycle it reduced the use of energy and helps to preserve the environment. Therefore, creating healthier communities everywhere.