Monday, March 24, 2014

Ben Kim Exploration 6

1) The author talks about how humans takes advantage of nature and never pay it back.  Climate throughout the years have never been in the state of balance due to human intervention causing it to change drastically.  He say's that climate is not like a pendulum because it cannot maintain its originality.  I agree with him that science can be a solution to climate change but also education to inform people of their responsibility corresponding to the environment.

2) In modern day society, this issue is and will be worth mentioning about in the long run.  Pollution is a serious topic to discuss and it can be fatal among people.  Pollutants in the air such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, CFCs and nitrogen oxide are emitted by industries and transportation.  The main focus of pollution are found in cities.  Cities are populated with people and it's the heartland of jobs and opportunities.  "The city never sleeps" is a saying that people use because everyone goes in and out of cities 24/7.  Imagine, all of the pollutants people are causing and harming the environment.  It's devastating what it would be like in the future, since cities are being overpopulated.  There has to be some sort of change in order to create an eco-friendly environment.  Alternative methods of power, such as solar, wind and hydroelectricity are examples to produce power without having harmful effects.  Also with transportation, people can switch to driving electric cars, riding a bicycle or even walking.  These examples I have shown can reduce the risk of having pollution in a particular environment, but the only catch is the cost.  Hybrid cars tend to be more expensive than regular cars.  If the cost outweighs the benefits, people are not going to buy that product.  If people cannot afford it, then we would assume that there will be no contribution to creating a good environment.  But that's not necessarily true, in fact, if everyone conserves energy and keep the planet clean from litter or waste, the environment can gradually change in a positive way.  We need to act now in order to make everyone else safe.
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