Monday, March 24, 2014

Umer Haider Exploration 6

Our Moral Footprint by Vaclav Havel brought to light the problems our society would face in the future due to climate change. Scientific research has shown us that humans are part of the ever increasing problem of climate change. Vaclav brought about many good points such as explaining that whether or not our affect on climate change is enormous or minuscule we still must take action to help the future generations. He compared the debts that we have in our economy and compared it to climate change. Since we did not do anything about our increasing debt we are at the brink of a collapse, the same could occur with climate change. The climate is not reversible so there is no way we can go back so why not try to keep it the best we can? By staying in our ways we are guaranteeing that our future generations will suffer. Eventually the cost of climate change than it is now and we will not be able to do anything about it. Why not try to prevent the cost in the future and the problems that could occur? "We need not fear for our planet. It was here before us and most likely will be here after us. But that doesn't mean that the human race is not at serious risk." This was a very telling quote in the story Our Moral Footprint and I also believe that if we do not di something now we our risking the lives of our future generations. Many have predicted the end of the world, but eventually that day may come,but if we take care of our mother earth it will come later than sooner. By creating newer technologies, using better resources, and removing the shortcomings of our waste management we might be able to move on to create a better future.
Trees that were cut down
One of the biggest ways we are contributing to the changes in climate change is the deforestation of trees for our personal agendas. Forests cover a staggering 31% of the world, and by reducing this we are removing the ever ending benefits it has provided us. Destruction of food, clothing, fresh water, and even the air we breathe is affected by deforestation. If we keep partaking in this not only are we destroying ecosystems, but we will eventually get to the point where we will not have forests to cut. This would lead to a global crisis and reduce our natural resources substantially. Every year we lose 46-58 square miles of forest due to either logging, fires, and development  equating to about 36 football fields every minute! This is an appalling number that shouldn't just be reduced, but completely removed. If we don't reduce the amount of deforestation or plant more trees than we might not have any forests. By not having forests we are calling for a global catastrophe that could lead the the possible extinction of the human race.
This was a great picture because it showed how  the
forest is the lungs of the earth, and we are destroying it.


  1. It is amazing to me how few people consider how important the world's forests are, or how quickly we are destroying them and their inhabitants. I think it will be crucial for us to educate those around us about the world and everything we need to do to protect it.

  2. Trees are very important to living organisms such as us. Trees provide food, shelter and oxygen for us and removing them would impact nature itself. We need to think to ourselves and wonder about how it would affect the ecosystem.

  3. I like the topic you chose here. I too think this is a huge problem and it bugs me to know that it could directly effect us. This has rarely been a big topic though in our country, as compared to the other topics.