Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nikhil's Exploration 6

I thought it was interesting the way Havel presented the issue on the environment by relating it to everyday human activity. He in a way demonstrated how our choices we make as people either play a good role or a bad role on everything from economy to ecology or just civilization. He presented the material in a well educated manner, and was able to direct it to different types of people.
A problem that I see growing more and more is the affects cars have on the environment. Cars affect the atmosphere, animals, and humans. When a car is running there are several gasses being emitted into the environment such as, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Some of these gasses are carcinogens that can affect human health, and carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that damages the atmosphere.There are also some pollutants from cars that stick to the surface of water, which then enters the food chain and harms the animals, some of which that we eat. Right now we are being affected by this problem as air quality is going down. In the future the people will still be affected if things keep happening the way they are. A possible solution is people should by more hybrid cars, or other environmental friendly cars. A strength is that is uses a lot less fuel, but hybrids and electric powered cars can cost a lot more than regular cars. Another solution would be to bike or walk more places. This is the most environmental friendly solution, but of course it takes much more time than driving, and may be hard during certain weather conditions. I think with increasing technology and research today, car companies will be able to make hybrid cars in the future that will be affordable to most people, eventually making this the most reasonable solution. With this solution people will be able to keep most all the benefits of driving a car with a lot less damage on the environment.


  1. I agree cars cause a lot of pollution. It would be nice if Columbus and a suburbs had a train system to cut down on the problem. If it connected Cleveland and Cincinnati this would help with business travelers too.

  2. I completely agree that cars are part of the problem. If we could implement subways and more environmental conscious forms of transportation maybe we can also reduce our carbon footprint. I have slowly seen implementation of cheaper forms of transportation even the Columbus. There are bikes that you can rent to get from one place to another that helps the environment. If there were more great ideas like this maybe we might not be as reliant on cars. If you go to places where cars aren't as much of a big thing you can smell the difference in the air. When I went to Maine It smelled so refreshing compared to Ohio because the amount of cars there were very minuscule and the environment seemed richer.