Friday, January 31, 2014

Tyler Stone's Exploration 2

1. I admired the Hobo "Steam Train" Maury Graham the most so far, and his explanation of the Hobo lifestyle. I like that they don't care about money, and they had honour and were respectable (compared to bums). They would help out their fellow human beings for what they needed to survive or wanted. They traveled alot, and seemed like all around decent people.

He demonstrated the teem of creativity by way of the Hobo lifestyle. Because they were always moving and always in a different place doing different things for different people, their lifestyle was always unpredictable, and therefore: creative.

2. What surprised me most in the story was the passage "The whiskey on your breath could make a small boy dizzy" because it showed just how drunk his father was most of the time. What I learned from this, not so much learned but got re-assured on, was how much alcohol can effect other people, and why to stay away from it.

3. How many hobo's are still in the US? What has the mindset of the Hobo, as told in the story, become today?


  1. I also admire Steam Train Maury and I think its awesome how he expresses creativity just by living his everyday life. I liked the quote you chose from Sanders story. It helps the reader get a feel for how heavy of a drinker his father really was.

  2. The quote that you used for Sanders story was a good choice. It sets the theme for the whole story because as a child that was all that he smelled when it came to his father.

  3. I never understood the difference between a hobo and a bum until this story. Its really interesting how different yet how similar their lifestyles were. I also find that passage from Sanders shocking, that he would be so drunk, yet still be around his kids not realizing the effect it would have on them.

  4. I admire "Steam Train" for the same reasons you do. It really did show that no matter what situation you are put in, as he was when he was 13, you can find good in the world and still be a good person. Even if you have nothing, that does not mean you have to have a bad life, you just have to go through struggles in a different way.