Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brian's first blog

     Hey there, my name is of course Brian Smith, and I'm a freshman here at Ohio State. I'm 19 years old and I live in Powell. As far as my personality goes, I would generally consider myself a very slow paced or even lazy person, and I'm almost always tired no matter how much sleep I get the night before. Back when I was still in High school, I was a rower outside of school. I rowed for a club team in Dublin and it was probably my top passion back then. I traveled to many places for Regattas, rowing tournaments. Nowadays, here at Ohio State I am a Computer Science and Engineering student. In my spare time I work or spend time with friends, whether it be in person or over Skype. I could continue to talk about myself but the rest of the information isn't terribly important so I'll end this here.

Standing on the boat trailer at the Head of the Hooch regatta
      "Our little house creaked in the wind during February storms. Now spring had come, and the world had shifted." (Meredith Hall, Killing Chickens) Meredith Hall provides a window into her pain from the past with Killing Chickens, and how a part of her has died, just like the chickens she kills. The entire theme of this essay is death, most prominently shown with the chickens, but also Hall's marriage with her husband. In the end of the story, we are given a little glimpse into the rebirth of Hall, in that she decides to pick herself back up and continue her life just as she would have before.

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