Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chase's First Post

My name is Chase and I'm a freshman majoring in business. Recently, I moved from Seattle due to my mom getting a job in healthcare here. Last weekend I was able to see the city of Columbus and am excited to eventually move down there for school. My interests are pretty similar to any other teenager so hanging out with friends on the weekends and sleeping a lot are usually what I'm doing outside of school. A unique fact about myself is although my biggest fear is being in the water, my favorite place to be is on the beach.

"Even if you read all the books ever written, even if you listen to all the testimonies ever given, you will remain on this side of the wall, you will view the agony and death of a people from afar, through the screen of a memory that is not your own." This quote by Wiesel was interesting because it talks more about literature in general than just his essay about the holocaust. I agree that anyone can read as much as possible about history, but they will never truly share the experiences of witnesses because they are hearing about it through someone else. Even though through reading his books many would feel they have a thorough understanding of what it was like to be in the holocaust, Wiesel says they can't because they didn't personally experience it themselves.


  1. I cant imagine moving for college that far, so props to you for being able to do that. I actually have a family friend who is the Seattle Storm WMBA coach! Small world I guess!

    I completely agree with you on the fact that people truly don't know what it is like until they have experienced it themselves. I like to say until they have walked a mile in my shoes. The holocaust would defiantly be something people would never understand until they have personally experienced due to the fact that it is out of our realm of understanding.

  2. Columbus is a neat place I think you will really enjoy it. I have been to Seattle many times it is also a cool place. I really liked the quote you chose because I totally agree that we can read as much history as we want but it will always be just knowledge to us and never a true memory.

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  4. It's pretty cool that you're from the west coast because I spent most of my life there. From my experience, the transition from moving from the west to Columbus was great. The people here are nice and out-going. I like the quote because it's true that someone who reads about history cannot get the full details about what happened and in contrast someone who witnessed it can visualize from the experience.