Thursday, January 16, 2014

Julia's first post

In addition to all things zoo related I work at the Hartman Aviary. This is my
buddy Sunny the Hyacinth Macaw.  
Hey I'm Julia Dettore, currently I'm a freshman working my Animal Science and Veterinary Technology degree from OSU. A little bit of history about me, I never went to public school I was always homeschooled, that is except for also being part of Zoo School during my junior and senior year of high school. During Zoo School I worked on research regarding the Black Swan and Laughing Kookaburra, and also completed an internship in the Australia and the islands region of the zoo. In my free time I always going outside, playing video games, or ice skating. In the future I hope have a career in animal conservation and hopefully travel the world.

I think the most important part of Why I Write: Making No Become Yes by Elie Wiesel is paragraph seven and eight. Though I especially like the following sentences "I thought that I would never be able to speak of them. All words seemed inadequate, worn, foolish, lifeless, whereas I wanted them to be searing." I believe this illustrates his desire to make his readers fully understand what he and everyone around him went through. He wanted to engulf them in the pain and sorrow they experienced, the torment and sadness they still experienced. Which I think with his passion for the story he is extremely successful in his narration.


  1. You have so much knowledge of animals. I find that so fascinating. I love animals also. The line you chose also touched me. Many times we don't speak of things that are "bad" from the past, as if they never happened but the emotions are still there for the person who lived it

  2. I think that's awesome that you have such a passion for nature and studying animals. I bet your internship at the zoo was a great experience. Good luck with your future career!