Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kaylah's first blog

     Hey guys! My name is Kaylah Wicker and I am a freshman.  I am the third of four children and the second girl.  Originally I'm from Bradenton, Florida, but when I was two years old we moved to Ohio because of my dad's job.  I come from a mixed background where my dad is African American and my mom is Colombian.  I serve and host in the restaurant at The Hilton in Polaris, but nobody ever comes in so I pretty much get paid to sit and do my homework.  AKA it's the best job ever!  My planned major is in accounting and starting my junior year, I will transfer to main campus to get my degree at Fisher College of Business.

     "She was panting, her eyes wild, frantic, betrayed.  I covered them with my fingers and twisted her neck hard."  This quote in the story "Killing Chickens" really stuck out to me because I could easily visualize the scene.  Meredith Hall portrayed it in such a way that I felt as if I was actually there.  Also, in using the word "betrayed" she was hinting at the way that she actually felt because of her husband's actions.  The betrayal that she feels from her husband is the same betrayal that Silly, the chicken, is feeling from her.

(I have front bangs now)

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  1. Kayla nice work on that essay as the chicken scene really is an analogue for what is going on with her husband. Welcome to the blog!