Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nic's First Post

     Hi, my name is Nicholas Vouis and I am a freshman at Ohio State this year. I am taking seventeen credit hours again this semester in hopes to graduate a bit early. I want to get a degree in Business and Real Estate. With my degree I want to start to get into rental properties and build up a portfolio as quickly as possible to create an ongoing income that I do not have to worry about. After I am somewhat established I want to create a company to manage my properties for me as well as anyone else's properties that want to go through my property management company. Hopefully this will allow me to retire fairly early and pursue various other business ventures I become interested in in my lifetime.

      "I clamped my hand over her beak and gave her head a hard twist. I felt her body break deep inside my own chest"(Maredith Hall, "Killing Chickens," Creative Nonfiction #18 Intimate Details, 2001). One thing that interested me in the essays we read for today occured in the essay "Killing Chickens." I found it interesting how as humans, when certain moments happen, we can almost slow down our thoughts and analyze everything that is going on. When this happens the moment is more deeply engrained in someone's memory than any other normal event, and not only this, but the person it occurs tocan also feel what is happening inside of them as opposed to just understanding what happened. These are defining moments in everyone's lives, they affect people immediately after and make permenent changes in their lives.



  1. I found that line interesting also. I have never killed and animal but I think anger can drive many to do things we have never though we could

  2. Wow, 17 credit hours for both semesters would seem pretty tough. Also I like that quote because when she killed the chicken, she had some strong emotions about the chicken.

  3. I'm impressed with how well you know what you want to do after college and I also want to get into some real estate eventually.