Thursday, January 16, 2014

Umer Haider

        Hey guys my name is Umer Haider. I was born in United Arab Emirates a country in the middle east. It is a really wealthy country, and is one of the best places in the world. I love to hang out with friends, watch Keeping up with the Kardashians ( just kidding ), and eat good food. A fun fact of mine is that I am going to Miami this summer on a road trip.

        Something that I found interesting from the Why I write: Make No Become Yes is Elie Wiesel's reason to write. "This sentiment moves all survivors; they owe nothing to anyone, but everything to the dead."(pg. 17) This quote stuck with me because he wanted the survivors to remember the dead, and make there deaths have meaning. A lot of people died in the Holocaust, and Elie was one of the lucky survivors. He has been writing in order to remember the past to tell stories of the people who died. He wants us to never forget so that history doesn't repeat itself and doom our future.

Me being cute

Me and Benjamin Kim saving a baby bird that we named Pete.


  1. I love to travel also, sounds like you would go at a moments notice. I also like the quote you chose. I can't imagine living through "the camps."

  2. I think that is really cool that you were born in the United Arab Emirates, I have never been there but it sounds like a nice place to visit! I liked the quote you chose from the story because I also thought it was cool how he wanted to honor the dead and to share their stories.

  3. Cool that you were born in the UAE. We have some similar interests like eating at Diaspora and hanging out with friends. I also liked in that quote how much Elie cares about the people who had died and wanted to honor them by remembering their sacrifices.