Thursday, January 16, 2014

Erica's first post

Hello all, my name is Erica Heitmeyer. I am a first year at Ohio State. I graduated from Olentangy Orange High School. My favorite things to do include playing with my dogs and sleeping. I live on main campus and commute from there daily. I actually have 40+ housemates and we all live a old frat house. Moving in, I only knew my roommate, so my favorite experience while living there has been getting to know all of my housemates.

"There are easier occupations, far more pleasant ones. But for the survivor, writing is not a profession, but an occupation, a duty." These two lines made the entire essay worth reading. Wiesel was not "meant" to be a writer as we are all not "meant" to be something. Yet he was drawn to it, drawn into it, engulfed by the idea. I was able to  connect greatly to this as I believe if you are not constantly looking for something in life, the path you are "meant" to take will suddenly overcome your life. Leaving you with seemingly no other option to pursue with your life. I believe we all have a plan for our life whether we know it currently or not, soon enough it will become our life.


  1. I love your photo with your dogs! too cute!

    I think you make a very valid point connecting how there are so many different ways to go about life. Some of us fall into our calling others have to go and search it out. Just like this passage shows each of our paths has it's own twists and turns.

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