Friday, January 31, 2014

Nikhil Exploration 2

The person I admire the most so far is Moreese Bickham. I admire him because of his sense of positivity, and his strength after being in prison for so long. Even though he killed two police officers I do not think he was justly prosecuted. Moreese demonstrated creativity, because he had a way of viewing life in a positive way even when he had nothing going for him. For example, how his rose bush he tends to means so much to him, when other people would not see the point of taking care of a rose bush in prison.

What surprised me most in Scott's story was how much blame he took for his fathers addiction. I never really thought of a family member's point of view of an addict. I guess it makes sense know why he felt that way, but at the same time is was a little shocking. His story taught me how much of an effect an addiction can cause on the people around the addict. Like not only was Scott suffering the consequences of his fathers addiction, but now his son is facing consequences.
"He tells me that when I am gripped by sadness, he feels responsible; he feels there must be something he can do to spring me from depression, to fix my life and that crushing sense of responsibility is exactly what I felt at the age of ten in the face of my father's drinking." (Sanders 191)

"How has Moreese adapted to life outside of prison, and what was the biggest challenge he encountered in the free world?"


  1. I like how you picked Moreese for the person you admired. I also think he was a very positive and strong person. In the sanders story it also shocked me how much blame he took for his fathers issues. It's sad he had to feel that way

  2. I also admired Moreese, he stood up for himself in a time that doing so not the norm. I too was very surprised to read that Scott took on so much of his fathers blame because of the drinking. What really shocked me is that even though he was sober, his son took on the blame for his sadness. It's strange how those things work out.

  3. I agree with your thoughts on Moreese Bickham. If it were me, I don't think I would have been able to stay so positive while in prison. I think that him taking care of the rose bush might have been his way of escaping the reality of being in prison.

  4. Nikhil, from the Sanders essay I also thought that it was troubling how kids take on the responsibility for the adults in a family and feel it's their "fault". That is simply just unfair to the kids, but I think that's the way it is when adults aren't responsible parents. Someone has to pay and often it's the kids. I hope if my wife and I have kids that I can be a good example and let our kids have some freedom from that kind of stress!