Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tyler Stone's First Post

    Hello, My name is Tyler Stone. I'm 19 years old, and live near Delaware. I graduated from Olentangy High School last year, and successfully completed my first semester of Ohio State University Marion. I'm currently taking 4 classes at Marion, and 1 at Columbus. I am an Atheist, Liberal, semi-politically active/informed, and try to be as nice and decent of a person as possible. I believe education is the single most important attribute that anyone can have when dealing with or doing anything. Besides intelligence, My other passion/interest is Japan, and anything dealing with the Japanese language and/or culture. I spent 1 month the summer after graduation and right before starting college, and the experience was indescribable. My only goal in life at this point is to return to Japan.

    In the reading, Something I found interesting was the 5th paragraph in Killing Chickens. "I felt powerful, capable. I could handle whatever came to me." I think killing the chickens was her way of taking out aggression from her husband, and she seemed sort of demonic in a way with this sentence.

This is my favourite picture ever.
Me and my friends ran into the "Old man Schoolgirl"
and the girl he was with. I'm the second from the right.

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