Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maggie's first post

   My name is Maggie (which you could probably guess by the title). I am originally from Marion, but now I live in Columbus. I'm majoring in International Development and ideally I really would like to do urban planning. Hopefully right out of school I will get the opportunity to work as a city planner in Columbus. I absolutely LOVE dogs. I go most Sunday's to a place called Pets without Parents, which is a no-kill shelter, and I play with the animals. Outside of class, I work at The Wine Bistro, and if you love gourmet, fresh food, you'll love the place (not to mention the great wine selection!)
     "If, by some miracle, I emerge alive, I will devote my life to testifying on behalf of those whose shadow will fall on mine forever and ever." This quote says to me this is why he writes, he is determined to tell the story of what happened and bring the reader to the other side. He survived and for a period of time he was silenced and wasn't able to speak out about the events. It had to have been so difficult to come out and tell that kind of story. In the reading he talks about the "language" during the holocaust . He says "The language of the night was not human, it was primitive, almost animal-hoarse shouting, screams, muffled moaning, savage howling, the sound of beating. A brute strikes out wildly, a body falls. An officer raises his arm and a whole community walks toward a common grave. A soldier shrugs his shoulders, and a thousand families are torn apart, to be reunited only by death." That quote gives me a visual and a disturbing, heart felt feeling. He speaks so those who experienced what he did, but did not make, don't die in vain.

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