Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tyler Hedge's first post

     Hi my name is Tyler Hedge. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in business. I plan on using that degree to eventually start my own engineering firm. In high school I started my own landscaping company and I plan on continuing it this next summer. Last year I went snowboarding and really enjoyed so for winter break this year my brothers and I went to Aspen, Colorado for a week and it was amazing. I hope to go many more places across the world to snowboard. Football is my favorite sport and I played it for many years and love every bit of it, especially defense.

     Before I read Why I Write: Making No Become Yes I did not know exactly who Elie Wiesel is but he is obviously a very good writer that has a lot of history. That made me question when he said, “Have I attempted too much or not enough?” (Wiesel 18) it made me question what all he has accomplished to say he has attempted too much because most people believe there is no such thing as too much. After a little research I found out his accomplishments and realized that he has accomplished an astonishing amount.

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  1. Yes, he's done a lot but people like him are driven and always expect more of themselves. That's probably why he keeps doing more. It's totally admirable. Good job Tyler!