Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Umer Haider Global Awareness

The strongest speech out of the three speeches would have to be The Revolution of Spirit. In the speech Aung San Suu Kyi a political leader/activist was done many injustices in her fight for a peaceful and democratic Burma. In this totalitarian regime Aung San Suu held her own no matter what occurred. She saw the death of her fellow party members, she was separated from her loved ones, yet she still kept moving. Even though her sons spoke for her it seemed as if she was actually there. They spoke as if she was not accepting this award for her, but the people who continuously make sacrifices for a free Burma. To her it is something that she must do in order to bring peace to this country. "the concept of perfection, the urge to achieve it, the intelligence to find a path towards it, and the will to follow that path if not to the end, at least the distance needed to rise above individual limitation..." (pg. 597) This quote spoke to me because no matter what happened she would follow through until she died. It was her duty as a person to rise above and make an impact. "It is part of the unceasing human endeavor to prove that the spirit of man can transcend the flaws of his nature."(pg. 598) is another quote that hit hard because it is our job as people to fix the problems in our society we have to work toward it to create a movement and change. Her speech meant a lot to me because it is our jobs as humans to make better lives for each other and correct the mistakes we make. The democratic revolutions that are happening all across the world such as Egypt are perfect examples of how humans were ignited with motivation to change their lives for a better. Not just theirs, but others around them. "Let us hope and pray that from today the wounds start to heal and that in the years to come the 1991 Nobel Prize for Peace will be seen as a historic step towards the achievement of true peace in Burma."(pg. 598) This Nobel Prize was not given to Aung San Suu, but everyone who made sacrifices for a better Burma, that will eventually change to democracy.

To me the most concerning country that directly affects me is Pakistan. Having relatives who live their scares me because of what the country has become. Almost all the politicians in that country are corrupt, and are not concerned about the well being of the country. Any one there can be paid off, and it is slowly becoming worse as terrorists invade the place. Eventually tension between the United States and Pakistan will get worse, since Pakistan has not tried to deal with the terrorists in their country. This will eventually pose a threat to the people around us, because we could be bombed and killed through terrorism. It is so obvious that the politicians are paid off and all they want is money even if it means going to war. War is something that costs lives and money and should be avoided completely. The only way problems like these could be solved if there was some way the UN could impose laws on Pakistan to stop with its shady business. Sadly we won't be able to do much, but let the Pakistani citizens fix the problem. Protests need to happen like in Egypt or other countries to fix the corruption and terrorism for a safer United States or world.

Pakistan map with ethnic groups
Here is a map of all the areas where terrorism in Pakistan is taking place


  1. It's surprising for as long as we've been over there as much terrorism as the chart is showing still takes place.

  2. I also liked the revolution of spirt speech. It's definitely encouraging taking these notes of successful nonviolent movements to make a change, even when faced with opposition.

    I feel horrible for situation. It must be scary having family and people you care about in a place like Pakistan. With the tension and involvement of the US, and some of the stories of amount of innocent civilians involved in these military operations and drone strikes, I feel horrible for anyone having to live in such a place. I've been against the war and involvement in the middle east for the past at least 12 years. Although something needs to be done about the terrorist there, the way it's being handed now is far from the ideal way to do things. I wish your family there the best.