Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nikhil Last Exploration

How to Fix a Car

1) A lot of the time getting your car fixed at a dealership or car shop can be very over priced. Most of the time you can fix your car yourself. It all starts with research, research the problem you are having with your car and there are plenty of videos out there to show you how to fix it. Once you've gotten the steps need to repair your car and the parts you can have a friend help you fix your car and you are good to go. Just follow the steps you learned from your research.

2) "There was a scary moment where I wondered if my van would be stuck in the parking lot behind his apartment building with a missing wheel forever. Then I took a deep breath and remembered that this is not the first time this procedure had been performed on Earth, and if others had done it, I could surely do it too"

3) I liked how the blog broke the steps down easily, and the motivation it gave. Just like the quote from above things won't go perfectly, but just keep working at it and eventually it'll work out. It was nicely written for normal people that don't know much about cars. The problem with the idea is sometimes the research does not work out and you are just stuck at the beginning. Like if you don't know how to search the symptoms your car is having or you get a wrong diagnosis then there is going to be problems.




  1. What a great blog by Mr. M. I know I have personally be ripped off by repair shops because well, I just don't know much about cars. I also haven't done much research and I think that's one thing most people forget to do. It's nice that he broke things down for his readers on "how to fix a car." It's awesome that he just encourages his readers to just keep working at it and they will get better!

  2. This article makes a great point about repair shops. If you have any interest and knowledge about cars you can save a lot of money. Recently I had my oil changed at NTB (I had a coupon that made it cheaper than I could do it myself) in the end they put in the wrong type of oil, even though the cap is labeled with what type to put it. So another important thing to do if you have to visit a shop is to check the receipt!

  3. I like this post a lot. It is completely true that a lot of fixes on cars can be very simple and much cheaper to do yourself. However there are a lot of things that are not fixable by the everyday person. Ive decided to do a lot of stuff on my boat and other things myself this year and i know it will save a lot of money doing so i completely agree with this post.