Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nikhil's Global Awarness Exercise

1) The Humanitarianism speech meant the most to me, because I believe there are people every where in this world who are not being treated the right way and MSF is fighting that issue through medical help. Being in school to become a doctor I can relate to the efforts that MSF is working towards. The issue happening in this situation is many people are not receiving the humane help they deserve, "A rape is a rape, just as a genocide is a genocide. And both are a crime. For MSF, this is the humanitarian act: to seek to relieve suffering, to seek to restore autonomy, to witness to the truth of injustice, and to insist on political responsibility".

2)  Being Filipino, the typhoon that hit the Philippines not too long ago still concerns me. The typhoon affected 14 million people, leaving many people homeless and completely destroying the infrastructure in some areas. Some things being done to restore the country are female caregivers of infants are attending counseling for appropriate feeding, vaccinating young children, restoring clean water and sanitation. My hope is that with relief efforts, the product will not be to restore the islands back to normal, but to leave it more sustainable than before. We should care because the Philippines is a third world country that was affected very heavily by a natural disaster, and they cannot recover alone. Without our help many people including young children are going to suffer more than the losses they already have. I hope to go out there soon and help rebuild houses and buildings or just give medical aid. Although most people cannot do that, people can still donate money to organizations that are out there rebuilding.


  1. I thought the quote you chose represented MSF and what they're all about the best.

  2. I agree people do not care what is happening in other countries such as the Philippines. We need to help third world countries like this so that they can have happier lives as well. It is crazy how much water I waste yet these people can't even get enough drinking water. I have family in Pakistan and seeing people like this suffer is the most disheartening thing I have ever seen. I love the work MSF is doing and hope they continue in the future to provide aid to these third world areas.