Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tyler's Global Awareness

The speech that meant the most was The Revolution of Spirit speech. What really made this stand out from the rest was the fact that she directly did so much and was still fighting for it when she got the nobel prize. Her son spoke for her at the acceptance of the award, and because she was still dealing with the issues! Even though she was not there, it felt as if she was by the speech her son gave. This woman and her family are extremely caring and can be talked about as complete humanitarians and this is for many reasons but one of which is the way they accepted the award, claiming his mom would want to accept not for her but for the people still fighting and making sacrifices. "I know that if she were free today my mother would in thank you also ask you to pray that the oppressors and oppressed throw down their weapons and join together to build a nation founded on humanity in the spirit of peace" (597). This shows how she doesnt care about self achievement but more about the well being of the people of this situation. 

A country that I am concerned for is Syria. This is because of the brutality of al-Assad along with the potential to what could happen if Russia helps them prevail. Could this lead to even more Russian and communist take overs? Right now there is not much being done besides hands off assistance and isolation. Such as cutting of economics to Syria by the U.S. and its allies.


  1. I like the quote you used, it really does show her selflessness and just the bigger goal of peace. I also am concerned about Syria. It is really sad what is happening over there with all the killings.

  2. Syria is a scary place and we need to help spread democracy. I understand it may or may not be our place to change another countries government, but we should help give them an option. But if we completely cut our economic ties with Syria we might hurt the country as well. I loved the Revolution of Spirit Speech, but we should help Syria in as many nondestructive ways as possible.