Sunday, April 20, 2014

Julia Dettore - MMM Get Rich With: Scooters

1)This essay explains the practical usefulness a scooter or moped can offer it's owner. It shows us the importance of only using what we need, yet doing it in a practical manor. Mr. P. discusses how scooters more efficient than cars yet more realistic than cycling. He goes on to show that they don't necessarily deserve their girly and wimpy rap sheet. Though even if some aren't very macho they will help you save money in the long haul by reducing your insurance and gas bills, among other benefits.

Not only can riding a scooter be fun but it can save you a lot of money

2) I think Mr. P shows a couple examples of the benefits of a scooter best in the following statement "How much can you save? Well, I’m not a numbers guy, but it doesn’t take too many brain cells to realize that a gas-powered vehicle with an annual fuel cost of about $300/year is going to save a lot of money over a second car. Even a car rated at 30MPG in city driving is using 3x more gas per mile than a scooter. Repairs? Almost nil. Change the spark plug on a 50cc scooter and you’ve done a tune-up." People don't realize quite how much money you can save until you have one. Motorcycles and scooters can help save a lot of gas, reducing your carbon footprint, and they also save you a lot on repairs and gas. 

3)I really liked this post because it made a point to address the prejudice against scooters. So many people think they're wimpy and that they would never want to be seen on one. Though it made valid points about scooters I would have liked more facts about riding them than his various stories. In general I think people need to consider the many options in life and how they can help the world around them, this includes adjusting their ideas on transportation. I think riding a scooter or motorcycle is completely doable and good idea, if people got on board with this it could help us in a variety of ways. This includes everything from reducing the space set apart for parking to the amount of pollution our vehicles produce. The only downside I see to this is the potential dangers associated with riding. Recently I got my motorcycle temporary license and one of my biggest concerns is other drivers. Drivers don't look around thoroughly and can easily miss a rider and thus hit us. Before riding can become wide spread safety of riders on the roadway has to be improved.  


  1. People's perception of transportation plays a role here. Transportation to our eyes is probably cars because most of us use them to get us from place to place. But the problem is that the car itself, gas, insurance, etc. costs a lot of money and scooters are inexpensive and it uses human power. I liked his comparison a lot because there are alternatives for transportation and they can be more efficient than driving a car.

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  3. I liked this article a lot in the way it gives an alternative to a car that is not just simply a cheaper car or something. My brother just moved to San-Francisco and is debating getting something like this so i am defiantly going to show him this article. Many people never consider the maintenance and fuel cost difference between car and scooter. I think this is a big point.