Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chase Global Awareness

My favorite speech was the Humanitarianism speech about how a group of doctors named MSF goes around providing aid to those that don't have the resources needed to get help. With as much conflict as there is in the world anyone or group that is willing to help bring happiness and peace to people without asking anything in return is something I've always enjoyed seeing. Along with Nikhil's quote another that stuck out to me was, "Wherever in the world there is a manifest distress, the humanitarian by vocation must respond." I thought the use of vocation really showed what the group was about and rather it being something they just chose to it was almost a calling to them.

A country that concerns me is the unrest over in Ukraine and Russia. With a lacking system of government in place in Ukraine and Russia mobilizing troops and entering Ukraine territory it has caught enough attention of The United States. Because the U.S. and Russia have opposing views, resulting sanctions between the two countries have been put in place. I hope that it doesn't become drastic enough to where the U.S. and Russia engage in war.



  1. I think that what the MSF does is really great as well. There are so many people out there who need medical help but simply can't afford it and it's great that these doctors are willing to change that. I think that the Ukraine and Russia situation is concerning as well. The whole idea of U.S and Russia going to war has seemed to die down a bit but it would still be super scary if that were to happen and I hope it doesn't.

  2. I enjoyed the story on the Humanitarian efforts. The medical care we are able to obtain here in the states, even with out money is amazing compared to many other countries.
    I worry to about Russia and Ukraine. It is so sad what all this fighting does to families and children. There are so many children that are already displaced and I am sure with the fighting many children will loose their parent and need to be raised in orphanages. Makes me very sad to think about, I hope they come to a peaceful outcome that helps everyone

  3. I too liked the story on MSF. I really like what they do and how they are not affected by politics very much. It is great that they are out there just to help people and no other reason. I also agree with your talk about Ukraine and Russia. I feel as if there is so much starting over there that it is not impossible for things to get very bad very quickly and i hope that ends.