Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mr. Money Mustache Why Should I be Frugal, When I’m So Rich?

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Life is complex enough as it is without having to add more objects to repair and maintain. Enough time is taken up by daily activities and entertainment that there is no reason to add more to deal with. Mr. Money Mustache is saying that even if you are making a seven figure income, why not try to decrease your spending from when you had a 6 figure income for fun, see how low you can go. Try to make your life as efficient as possible, "Another factor in happiness for me is the satisfaction that comes from efficiency. I love seeing things that are efficient, elegant, well-designed. And of course you’ve probably noticed my corresponding boiling rage for things that are not." He is obviously annoyed with things that make no sense for people to do due to their inefficiency. Other people have commented on the blog saying they miss how they tried to be efficient in college and miss it. one person said he lived off the equivalent of $5000(today's money) for a year and said that was the best year of his life because life itself became a game, rather than a challenge, he could have afforded more, but didn't. Instead of making life a challenge by getting more objects that would require more maintenance and repair, he chose to minimize any inefficiencies and make a game out of it by seeing just how efficient he could be.

This post basically says that you should try to be as efficient as possible with your spending regardless of income. People should always try to cut their spending even more if they can so that they can reduce their expenses, have more money freed up for retirement, and have more money to do projects and things to improve themselves and their community.

Overall I like the idea of this blog post, the idea that if an object has a possibility of inconveniencing your life, get rid of it. Once all of those inconveniences are gone, adjust your life to see just how much more efficient you can make it. The only thing that I would change or add to this post is that I think that once you make your life extremely efficient, try to make that efficiency more luxurious. I believe that at least, if you have a smaller dwelling, why not at least make it as nice as possible. When you look at homes and you see a 10,000sqft house with some decent landscaping and a decent interior, then you look at a 2,000sqft house with really intricate landscaping and a beautiful interior with all sorts of storage and efficient features you almost feel like the smaller house is more luxurious because the luxury is more concentrated. This lifestyle is totally doable and can be very entertaining when you try at it constantly, as soon as you stop, you start to feel depressed. I know this sounds weird but its true, even if it doesn't make sense.

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