Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maggie: Are you cleaning out your own wallet response

1) This blog post was about those people who NEED to keep everything super clean. He determines that since the 1950's housewives, we have been wasting our money on artificial cleaners that we don't necessarily need very often. He talks about his old roommate who use to do laundry after one use of clothing, almost like he was running an underground laundry mat. It talks about the crazy germ people that see a doctor for every sniffle, cough or sneeze. His doctor friend says "Yes! Exposure to bacteria and viruses in the environment educates our immune systems so they will be ready to fend off attack as we go through life and encounter real pathogens. Excessive avoidance of the normal bugs in the environment may leave you more vulnerable to infection. And, there are indications that kids who grow up in pet-loving households, likely exposed to more interesting molecules early in life, have lower rates of suffering allergies and asthma. A well educated immune system is a strong immune system–bring on the mud pies!" We should all consider not being so worried about germs, that exposing ourselves to them can actually be beneficial.

2) I think this is a reasonable post. I think some people over react at the very thought of a sneeze and rush to a doctor. Everyone gets a sniffle every now and then. I know personally from serving for a few years, that I don't get sick quite as often. I think it could be related to touching things after so many different people on a daily basis. Sure wash your hands after handling food, using the restroom, etc, but there is no need to go over board and become a crazy person about it.


  1. I like how you point out that the more germs we are exposed to we tend to build stronger immune systems. Look at health care workers. The first year on the job you are sick all the time. After that patients cough and sneeze on us and we rarely get sick. I do wash my clothes too much I'm sure! (o:

  2. I definitely agree with this post. Some people are so crazy about germs and not getting sick that it's ridiculous. You're going to come into contact with germs no matter what so why take crazy measures to stop it from happening. Washing your hands and other stuff like that is important but no need to go overboard.

  3. Money Mustache has the right idea. People have become to scared of mild infections. All this bacteria non sense has made people become afraid of even going out doors. A sneeze shouldn't be a rush to the hospital, but just treated as another sneeze. All these products we use are making us weaker and more prone to infection, they are even harmful to the environment! I'm not saying not to wash your hands after going to the bathroom just don't be too afraid of germs. Live a little play in mud enjoy life and don't be afraid. Good Article.