Thursday, April 10, 2014

Presentation Reviews Nicholas V.

Jack Hannah:

Done Well: Julia does very well at presenting, I was surprised. She does well walking around, using her hands, and looking at and talking to the audience, this made the presentation very interesting.

Could Improve upon: While the presentation was done very well, I believe as a group you should try to put more emphasis on certain things, try to get excited about your topic. I think this would help bring even more interest to your presentation. 

Elon Musk:

Done Well: There was a ton of good information. Seeing everything Elon was involved in creating really showed the width of his vision.

Could Improve upon: If you try to add just a tad more emphasis on things during the presentation, and a few more pictures, such as of Elon's many projects and creations, I think that would go a long way.

Anthony Bourdain:

Done Well: Your presentation was short, but there was a lot of good information provided during that time, and I believe all the bases were covered. I especially liked how there was so much back information and history on Anthony, yet it was tied in perfectly with him being a visionary.

Could Improve upon: I think that a little bit of rehearsing to get the excitement out of it would help make the presentation even more interesting.

Jesse Owens:

Done Well: There was tons of information, excellent pictures, and good video clips. I especially liked how the idea that Jesse Owens was trying to generate a sense of equality was worked into how he was a visionary.

Could Improve upon: I think that if there was some quote or video of Jesse talking about creating equality among races, it would further prove the point of the whole presentation, and solidify it.


Done Well: There was a lot of interesting back history on Gandhi that I did not know. I also liked the comparison to Martin Luther King JR, that is a comparison that I never would have thought of, but it was very applicable I thought. 

Could Improve upon: If there was a bit more rehearsal and less reading directly from the powerpoint. this would allow for more enthusiasm during the powerpoint and get the class even more engaged.


Done Well: The presenting aspect of the presentation was done well. Umer really got into it, along with the rest of the group, I was surprised.

Could Improve upon: There were lots of good pictures and info, but I feel like someone knows who Banksy is. If some suspects were thrown into the presentation with a bit of light info on them that would add some mystery to the presentation and make it even more engaging than it was.

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