Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kaylah's Last Exploration


In the blog post Getting Rich: from Zero to Hero in One blog Post, Mr. Money Mustache explains how to save half of your income and retire early.  According to the newspapers and magazines, life is hard and therefore people need to keep working hours upon hours, clipping coupons, and doing everything possible to save money for their kids' college education.  On the other hand, Mr. Money Mustache says, "Almost all of that is nonsense."  He explains that the middle-class life is an "Exploding Volcano of Wastefulness," and by accepting that, people will be able to save a lot more.  The world teaches us that we need to have all the latest fashions, such as cell phones, purses, and 70 inch plasma TVs.  By cutting all of those extra expenses out, you will be able to save over half of your monthly income, leaving you with more money to put towards your retirement fund. 

One thing that I especially liked about this blog post is that he teaches us that we need to stop focusing on what other people think/teach are happiness and start "focusing on happiness itself."  Yes, life is fun when you have all the luxuries of new clothes, jewelry, or even video games, but none of that stuff is necessary.  I also really liked how Mr. Money Mustache basically gave his readers a checklist of things to get rid of in order to start saving.  Most people don't know where to start when trying to "clean the house" and start saving, so I thought it was cool how he walked us through it.  I think that by following the steps that Mr. Money Mustache gave us, saving half of our income per month is very possible.


  1. I agree with this too. I would like to try some of his tips.

  2. I think most people confuse a luxury with a necessity.It's nice that he gives a check list so that is might put thing in perspective for those reading his blog. I know we all have those friends that "need" to have the newest phone because theirs just isn't as fast as that new one. Think back to when we were kids, cell phones hardly existed, let alone how fast it was.

  3. I think it is definitely true that our society needs to stop worrying about all the material things and the latest fashions. Every one is guilty of it at one time or another but if we were to all just stop caring then we could save so money and prices on things like clothes would probably go down if they saw that people were willing to pay such high prices for them

  4. I agree, there are many expenses that society tricks people into thinking they need to have, when we can all live happily with out them or there are cheaper alternatives. I know for me most of my money goes to eating out when I could just eat at home, like going to DQ and getting ice cream when I don't need it.