Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kaylah's Reading Response and Global Awareness Exercise

1) The speech that meant the most to me was "The Revolution of Spirit (1991).  I thought that it was really interesting that Aung San Suu Kyi chose the personal sacrifice of being separated from her family in order to help Burma towards being a free country.  I also thought it was really cool how she was able to win the Nobel Prize for Peace while she was incarcerated.  One of my favorite quotes in this essay is towards the end when Suu Kyi's son quoting something that his mother had said before.  He said, ""To live the full life," she says, "one must have the courage to bear the responsibility of the needs of must want to bear this responsibility.""  This stuck out to me because Aung San Suu Kyi was not just speaking these words, it was something that she was actually acting upon.

2) Something that I am concerned about is the missing Flight 370 in Malaysia.  There were 239 people aboard that plane that have disappeared, all from 14 different nations.  As of now, there is a submarine being sent out that will scan for 16 hours and give us a readable report all within a 24 hour time period.  This report will tell the scientists whether or not it has picked up a signal or any trace of the missing flight.  They are hoping that it will get us one step closer to finding these missing passengers.  We should be concerned about this because these are real people.  They deserve a chance of survival just as much as we do.

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  1. Standing up for her rights, Aung was truly a hero for her country. Her efforts through non-violence to push for democracy in Burma is remarkable. Too bad she was imprisoned for her actions but she still kept fighting, and as a result she won a Nobel Peace Prize.
    Even though this happened outside of our nation, it's really a tragedy. Two hundred and thirty nine people who were boarded in that plane went missing and we don't know what had happened to them. I agree with you that they deserve a chance of survival because those are people just like us.